XMAS catalogue 2023

XMAS CATALOGUE 2023 23 R•LIVE COLLECTION ECO•DYED RECYCLED POLYESTER Eco dyeing involves adding pigment direcly to the molten plastic solution before the fiber is made. Conventional batch-dyeing processes (using synthetic dyes) require a tremendous amount of water and energy, resulting in waste and carbon emissions. We switched to Eco dyed, an approach that can result in up to 87% reduction in water use and 58% CO2 savings overall compared to batch-dyeing, with considerably fewer chemicals released from the overall process. PET BOTTLES ECO•DYED R-PET FABRIC CLEAN AND SHRED DYEING IS CARRIED OUT BY HOT TRANSFER WITHOUT WATER COLOUR PIGMENTS ARE MIXED WITH PLASTIC AND MELTED ECO•DYED ROLL ECO•DYED BIZ