XMAS catalogue 2023

XMAS CATALOGUE 2023 82 Recycled polyester Polyester (PET) is the most widely used fiber in the apparel industry, accounting for approximately 52% of the total volume of fibers produced globally. Currently, only 14% of this is made from recycled content, even if recycled polyester has a significantly lower carbon footprint than its conventional counterpart. To keep the industry on track toward its climate targets, Textile Exchange has launched the “2025 Recycled Polyester Challenge”, which has a long-term vision of bringing the percentage of recycled polyester up to 90% by 20307. For the production of each of our Utopic items, we saved 64% of CO2 emissions 8 -64% 7 https://textileexchange.org/2025-recycled-polyester-challenge/ 8 in the production phase, compared to a product made with virgin materials, based on our carbon footprint 9 Scores of the potential impact on global warming, eutrophication, water scarcity, resource depletion and chemistry based on Higg MSI 3.3 data on Higg.org. These are general and average data, which have no direct link with the production process of Utopic articles.